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Thursday, May 19, 2011

so. not. into. it.

DISCLAIMER: this post is a rant. 
general disgust
Korea we have been playing a game of chicken for nine months now..."do I stand up to my administration today, or not" "do I smile politely as my close talking kids blow remnants of their seafood lunch in my face, or not" "do I accept the flem spit up in public, or not"  today I'm gonna bring it.

A fellow EPIK teacher posted a cry for help on our group page this afternoon. She revealed to us that her co-teacher is unstable and despite her pleas to the administration, BMOE and EPIK, none of our superiors are willing to go to bat for her and resolve it. Turns out that said co-teacher has already received a multitude of complaints and to this extent, was transferred. Not punished...transferred. Teachers in Korea cannot be suspended or fired, the kind of job security that threatens to supersede North America's flawed teaching unions. At orientation we were assured of many things, of which, that our rights as guest teachers would be represented and protected...because lets face it, irregardless of our best efforts, a lot still gets lost in translation. In this case, previous concerns were hushed and met with a band aid solution displacing the issue.  Like many games of chicken in Korea, the waygook (foreigner) ends up with the short end of the stick. This EPIKer has reached yet another stalemate, essentially backed into a corner and confined by the terms of her contract. I hope things work out for you.

And while I'm at it...

I really hate it when you point and stare at me. I know I am tall. Some call me 'Jumbo Jen' because that is how they package the only pair of tights that fit me in this country. My size is not an invitation for you to stop me in the street and take a picture with me.

You can't have my business unless I can try it on. Pssssst.

I love to grocery shop and even though this experience is finally becoming enjoyable here, please refrigerate the eggs. I only have time to eat eggs on the weekend and I am always weary of another face off with food poisoning...that $h*t is no yoke.

Paying my bills. This monthly task is even more despised in Korea then at home. I cannot read them. I cannot pay them online. I cannot go to the bank during business hours because I am at work. To take care of them, I must sign out for at least a hour, borrowed time from my holidays. Riddle me that.

OPEN THE WINDOWS! As the only waygook on my am bus route, let me say that summer is definitely here folks. Just because I don't speak Korean, I can see you gawking as I swing back and forth as the buses jerks down the road, glistening with sweat. What do you want me to do?

Hey you at the back of the class, I see you picking your nose and eating it.

- sigh -


  1. Love you. I am so not picking my nose right now.

  2. if you were, I'd be into it, just because you OWN IT.