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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

today I'm grateful for

sweet nothings in Whistler Village
What do you want?
I want to travel. I want to fall in love again. I want a Chloe purse. I want a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. I want a lot of material things, but I also really want to make a difference. From the car seat to the swivel chair, inherently humans meet resistance in pursuit of want.
I could not tell you the number of times I’ve visualized the bull, me grabbing it by the horns and riding off into the sunset. The older I am, the more daunting this journey gets. I am not afraid of wrong turns (hell, I love a good ‘ol bump in the road) but how close the destination feels. I’ve been able to arrive at this place of contentment solely because of the people I’ve met en route. Their wisdom has taught me about communication, goal setting, active listening and how to manifest my strengths into strong leadership.
Today I am excited to be the kind of leader people want to follow. I want to be consistent. I want to be fun. I want to be accessible. I want to be a stand for my team and their goals.
Tomorrow I want to take these learnings and recreate them. I want authentic conversations to ignite feelings of self-worth and empower a new community.  
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Gandhi
Buck up, bulls are impatient.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

where the wild things are

United by the commitment to our practice, the pursuit of balance and promise to do one thing a day that scares us, yogis from far and wide congregated in Vancouver’s backyard for the first Canadian installment of Wanderlust.

WAN – DER – LUST n. a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel, do yoga and listen to music. Indeed, the atmosphere in the idyllic mountain village of Whistler made all these things irresistible. Host to heavy hitters like Seane Corne, Chris Chavez, Eoin Finn, and music legends like Michael Franti and Thievery Corporation, Whistler created the space for different teaching styles and body rocking beats to flow together in harmony.
The weekend was riddled with powerful metaphors and words of transformation. One such ah-ha moment occurred during Eoin Finn’s Sunday Superflow class. Eoin spoke about the ocean and yoga and the symmetry that exists between them. On the surface, the ocean is fickle and abuzz but when you sink deeper there is a boundless calm and tranquility awaiting you. He invited us to peel back the layers and find comfort in discomfort, focus on the breath and let peace fill us. Piece of cake, right?
After a weekend of back bending and heart openings, we wandering yogis headed back to the city filled with gratitude and some serious #joblove. Working for lululemon isn’t just an education in black stretchy pants, it’s an education of the body, mind, and soul.