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Sunday, October 24, 2010

and it was standing room only

just like sardines
From the confines of the subway car speeding toward Gwangan station to the overflowing streets of Gwangali Beach, Busan’s International Fireworks Festival was an event not to be missed. Several countries were represented at the show; however, none could compare to Korea’s EPIK closing performance. In the final moments of the hour long spectacle, the crowd new something special was imminent. The eruption of each firework louder, more colourful than the one before, we stood in awe as the sky burst into a sparkling display of fiery wonder to salute the end of show. Eventually darkness enveloped the sky again and Gwangali was returned back to the tranquil, beach side community on the shores of the Pacific.  
colour my world

c'est fini
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

'seems like yesterday'

you'll never be alone again
This weekend was one for the books.
the gathering that was global on the Han River
After waiting in line for 1.5hrs, boarding the shuttle at Sangsu Station, the anticipation of what was to come was almost tangible. Thousands made their way to the shores of the Han River in Seoul to experience GLOBALGATHERING an international music festival that fused authentic Korean tracks with North American chart toppers. The energy was contagious and radiated through the crowd from dusk until dawn. Surrounded by friends old and new, I danced as if no one was watching.
bright like neon love
9.10.10 with love.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fresh Air

Literally and metaphorically, I am breathing it in.

This weekend we visited Beomousa Temple and hiked Geumjeong Mountain. Standing proud at the base of the mountain, Beomousa is renown for its intricate craftsmanship and vibrant colouring. Onlookers cannot help but succumb to the calm that percolates through the historical building, a feeling reinforced by the surrounding Buddhist sculptures.
We began our hike through a winding bamboo forest. The path, decorated with remnants of climbers before us, narrowed as we made our final push for the summit. Naturally, I forgot my epi pen and inhaler at home so in addition to the massive lactic acid build up in my legs, I was trying my very best to avoid the obvious…After an hour or so we broke through the tree line revealing the most incredible panoramic view of Busan and the rolling hills that envelope it.  The three of us sprawled on the warm rock face soaking in the view and chatting about how wonderful an experience it is to live and work abroad. Before making our descent, I took a conscious deep breath in. Reinvigorated and full of positive energy, I could not help but feel so lucky. With a smile ear to ear, I made my way back to civilization.
our pocket full of sunshine