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Sunday, May 15, 2011

bridal busan

'bridal viewing' pre ceremony
Hyunhee and I

the colourful affluence of traditional Korean wedding garb

Yesterday I attended my first wedding, ever, the irony that it took place in Korea is almost too much for me handle. It consisted of two ceremonies. The first, I will say was western inspired...the white dress, the priest and the bouquet toss. Throughout the nuptials no one really appeared to be paying attention. Cell phones were answered, texts exchanged and children were running up and down the aisle as if they were the main event. What really put the icing on the cake, was when the groom piggy backed the bride's mother down the aisle as a 'thank-you' for 'giving' your daughter to me. When we left the hall, another bridal party was ready and waiting. Interval wedding, 1:25. From here, we moved into another room where we observed the traditional component of the day. Surrounded by their immediate family, the bride and groom exchanged personal vows and made various offerings that will hopefully bring them a life of wealth, happiness and a big family. I had my other co-teacher next to me, translating, filling me in on the purpose of this and that along with various superstitions. My favourite fact of the day would have to be the belief that if the bride smiled/showed her teeth at all she would be fated never to birth a boy to carry the family name. Aheeeeeem.

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