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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo - imnida

In the past I have written about the hardship I have had living abroad when a holiday rolls around. Yesterday was Children's Day in Busan, a day off work just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo
tequila sunrise
handy crafts
 This holiday, not of particular symbolic value to me, holds a lot of meaning and fond memories for some of my friends here. In order to honour the day, they put together the most colourful rooftop fiesta for us. 

fiesta favours pour pa vour 
Complete with homemade tortillas, guacamole, margaritas and quesadillas. Warmed by friendship and the summer sun, my heart swelled with appreciation. It is so thoughtful when people take the time to include you in their traditions. Thanks for an awesome day Texas. 

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