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Thursday, March 3, 2011

same same, but different.

I spent the last twelve days soaking up all things was a much needed departure from Asia. That said, it was a bizarre preview of what life will be like when I return back to the teedotoh at the end of my contract.

Of course something’s will always stay the same. Andrew putting an empty milk jug back in the fridge (gets me every time), the subway breaking down as soon as I get on it, finding an average bottle of white wine cooling in the basement fridge, my friends and family, SO top notch.

Whereas I found other things shocking. TAX! What is that? Cover? Photo ID? What are you saying, I look younger than nineteen? I cannot have a 'raging' night on $10.00, outrageous. So besides the fact that my move back to Toronto will suck my bank account dry, I gained a new sense of appreciation for my home and native land. For instance: labels. THEY ARE IN ENGLISH. Ah. It was such a treat to be completely confident in all my purchases - as in no surprises, coherent communication with cabbies and walking down the street without dodging horrified looks and strangers calling me huge.

OH Canada. See you soon.

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