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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I will

do one thing that scares you daily. breathe deeply. sweat once a day. dance, sing, floss and travel.

These antidotes, among others, comprise the lululemon athletica manifesto. Simple phrases that are intended to inspire healthy living, balance, unite communities and entrench feelings of genuine happiness within us all.

Since its inception in the late 1990s, lululemon has been a powerful force in the athletic apparel industry. However, it was not until I joined the team this fall (as a part time educator), that I witnessed the unwavering commitment, at all levels of leadership, to the pursuit of this manifesto. It did not take long for me to realize that this kind of loyalty is a byproduct of environment, one in which people, regardless of their affiliation to the brand, want to be apart of.
Although lululemon attracts like minded people, I am constantly learning from my team. Recently, all the Toronto lemons were invited to a screening of  'The Happy Movie', a documentary that brings us on a journey in search of answers to one of life's greatest emotions, happiness. Not only did this event mark the beginning of a larger community initiative (more details to come in the new year) but propelled me to look at my own education differently. International development seeks to appease the gap between the developed and the developing world and provide resources to better equip floundering economies to curb the cycle of dependency. Ironically, the scenes I found most moving were those that illustrated stories from the communities in so-called 'need'. Riddled with optimism, their stories shed perspective on my personal worldview and highlighted the importance of understanding. Not only in the context of development but in how we interact with our surroundings on a daily basis.

I think the underlying message of 'The Happy Movie' and lululemon's manifesto are one in the same, and together, will guide us to our own peace...whatever form that may come in.

I could sing lulu's praises until there were no more lemons left to squeeze, instead, why don't you join the conversation too at:!/lululemon or @lululemon on Twitter.


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