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Sunday, February 6, 2011

LOVE me some JAPAN

Kym and I set sail to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Japan.

shoes worn by Geisha girls

Arriving in the port city of Hakata, we took the JR high speed train to Hiroshima. We spent two days here, touring the city by bike - I was perhaps overly enthusiastic about the basket in the front...
across the river stands the A-Dome, the nuclear hypocentre
The Peace Memorial Park, the site where the United States dropped with first atomic bomb in August 1945 was of particular interest. This slice of green in what has now grown into a bustling urban jungle, pays respectful homepage to those that suffered. 
the 'memorial mound' where the ashes of the victims have been laid to rest
From here we moved up the coast to Kyoto. Kyoto is the perfect mix of old and new Japan - temples and palaces of generations past blend seamlessly with 21st century life.The city maximized all spaces, stairways to nowhere reveal the most quaint French bistro, refurbished house basements - an Italian kitchen.
Kyoto side street by night
Like Hiroshima we explored the city by bike, dipping into shopping promenades, food markets and arcades. Leaving Japan I could not help but draw the obvious comparisons between the two Asian countries. Despite their many commonalities, what ROKs about Busan is the life I've created here.
cranes for peace

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