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Monday, January 10, 2011

going the distance

It has been very easy to get comfortable and rather oblivious to life outside my Busan bubble. Change can be
womanlove to the power of 8
planned or can arrive uninvited. Last week I was handed a reality check and it shook me to the core. Receiving news of this nature highlighted just how many worlds apart I am from my family. Fortunately I was able to return home during this difficult time and lend the human support Skype cannot. Those five days were quite surreal but gave me the opportunity to make my peace with this new truth. I landed in Busan and (all to quickly) turned on my cell phone and was welcomed back with messages from friends. A simple gesture, I know, but entirely effective in making me feel safe in this world of uncertainty. So cheers to the friends and family I have had forever and the new pillars in my support system
that keep in real in Busan.

Lots of love always. Miss you.
KMS 1924-2010

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