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Monday, December 27, 2010

wine, beer and holiday cheer

Well here I am keeping my desk mighty warm thinking of my first Christmas away.

I would have to say that the build up – or lack there of in Korea – was more upsetting than waking up, sans family on December 25th. Usually, I find the hyper commercialized North American Christmas to be quite exhausting but this year I really missed the lights, seasonal greetings, parties and general cheer.
bedazzled is better

Kym and I had a sleepover Christmas Eve so we didn’t have to wake up alone. I had the pleasure of witnessing a Trumper holiday teaser, the entire clan decked out with antlers and spewing quirky inside jokes from Bermuda to Busan. Gotta love it.
from Bermuda to Busan with love

Christmas morning we sipped seasonal coffees and exchanged stokings. I think Kym was pretty pleased with the mixture of practical and ‘just because’ pressies from me. My gift from Kymchi showcased just how well my dear Minsu knows her Jinho, a black tank top with studs accented with four (phew) boxes of Pepero. Christmas afternoon in Busan was a blur of friendship, over priced food+beer and not so good decision making…no one neeeeeeds McDonald’s after a Christmas feast. I am inclined to write it all off with a swift ‘because Korea.’
red, green, black and white
5 courses and 1 glass of wine?
So cheers to you this holiday season, I hope that you too indulged in all things festive and fantastic!
Bring on 2011…

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