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Sunday, November 28, 2010

taking it in stride

I often describe my life abroad as a vortex. An unrelenting spiral of emotions. Some days I live quite happily in my Busanite bubble. Some days I long for my familiar Toronto. Today…I don’t know…

Last week South Korea was reminded of its unresolved war with the North. I was reminded just how far away I am from home. North Korea launched a surprise attack, claiming two lives and severely injuring more than a dozen. This demonstration has made the global community anxious and prepared to meet any further aggression with comparable force. The more I think about it, the more I understand how unique it is for me, a Canadian, to be experiencing first hand the fall out of a very complicated history.  

This weekend I celebrated my first American Thanksgiving. Served with all of the holiday best, I properly embraced the idea of making new holiday traditions. Trying to re create what I am ‘missing’ at home will dishonour the magic of this experience.
our very Korean American Thanksgiving
complete with Jenga and Soju

  That said, Sunday we went in search of Christmas decorations. Much to our surprise we were successful! Tucked away on one of Nampodong’s many side streets, we discovered a real gem. Standing outside, a singing Santa ushered us into a winter wonderland.
Santa baby
city lights
I walked away with stockings, faux trees and ornaments. Now, I am ready for the Christmas countdown. 
I am going to Costco later. That will make my day.  

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