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Sunday, October 24, 2010

and it was standing room only

just like sardines
From the confines of the subway car speeding toward Gwangan station to the overflowing streets of Gwangali Beach, Busan’s International Fireworks Festival was an event not to be missed. Several countries were represented at the show; however, none could compare to Korea’s EPIK closing performance. In the final moments of the hour long spectacle, the crowd new something special was imminent. The eruption of each firework louder, more colourful than the one before, we stood in awe as the sky burst into a sparkling display of fiery wonder to salute the end of show. Eventually darkness enveloped the sky again and Gwangali was returned back to the tranquil, beach side community on the shores of the Pacific.  
colour my world

c'est fini
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