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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

oh the places you'll go

With 23 just around the corner and my return home around a few more (might as well run with that metaphor) the words "what next?" have been haunting me. In truth, I know what's next, I'm back to the ol' academic bump and grind to begin my post graduate work in the field of international development. Ultimately, I would like to work for a non governmental organization that shares my belief that education is the cornerstone of sustainable growth. Growing up in Canada, 'a baby country', a term affectionately coined my by my 6th graders, I did not appreciate the role of history in modern society. Overtime it became clear why traditional values remain in Korea's education system today. Among other things, this year has taught me patience, understanding and tolerance of cultural differences, an attitude that I hope will allow me to realize my professional aspirations.

The above paragraph sounds like a well rehearsed answer, but what lies in the subtext are the anxieties I have about the unknown. When I can't make sense of my feelings, I usually look to the internet and self medicate. Arguably the worst thing to for oneself (so Cancer of me). Today Google connected me with an astrology site, that assured me that my emotional flux is characteristic of my zodiac sign. Phew. What is more:
  • Cancers need to feel like they are making a difference, however small, in order to feel content.
  • Cancers dig house parties. 
  • Cancers are prone to poor eye sight. 
  • Cancers love pillow talk. 
  • Cancers reaction to confrontation is directly proportionate to how thick their shell is.  
I guess, whatever will be, will be. 

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