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Monday, June 20, 2011

its always in the details

Writing has been my therapy for years. A means of self discovery with the hope of finding myself somewhere in the black and white letters that dance across the page. Although this journey has seen many faces, it is unsure of its audience. What I've realized along the way is that's okay. For this reason, it came as a great surprise when my close friend JB shared one of my recent blog entries on her Facebook page.

I am private about my writing and I understand that maintaining a blog effectively contradicts this statement. Nevertheless, this attitude is rooted in the admiration I have for my peers and how eloquent their writing styles are in comparison to mine. I read about a dozen blogs, some are sharp, quick witted accounts on Waygook life, others are informed political proses and another chunk are trashy tabloids. I guess its fair to say that regardless of their content, they have an impact on me and thus are bookmarked online as weekly must reads.

To learn that JB reads my work like I read so many others is wildly flattering. The fact that she then re posted this particular entry for a greater audience, implies that in her opinion my words are worth hearing. At the end of the day, its always nice to receive a little personal validation. Thank-you for being there to listen even when I didn't ask you to be and thank-you for reminding me that life is not about comparisons but instead finding comfort in your own skin.

So let it be said JB, possessing the ability to celebrate my passion only intensifies the light you have been in my life this year.

Listen. Acknowledge. Support. Repeat. 

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