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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

such great heights

Well, as per usual this week brought many new discoveries:

1) I have a roof!...Seems rather obvious, I know, I just assumed that to gain enterance to this fabulous space I would have to be a VIP i.e. the landlord. False. Saturday night me and a group of friends chilled with the sparkling Busan horizion as our back drop before heading to Vinyl Underground where we listened live reggae and indie music.
2) Korean barbeque is growing on me. A friend came to visit from Gwangju and took the girls and I out for a traditional Korean bbq dinner. I was a little shocked to learn that we would be cooking our meal at our table. Naturally I left it to the professionals a.k.a the friend who has 6 months more experience in Korea than I do and just rolled with it. I must live by the mindset that when in Korea I 'do as the Koreans do'
3) My landlord, Mr. So. is simply the best. Despite the fact that he sports the same shirt everyday this man is a complete gem. In addition to his regular building duties, he is also an accomplished hair dresser. One night when Kym and I were getting organized to go out, he stopped by and noticed that I was straigtening my bangs. Before I could resist he had thrown his things on the bed and took charge of the styling. The man did a 5 star job. Who knew?

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